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Gaining access to certified WBEs is just the beginning.

Become a corporate memberWBE Canada also facilitates the sharing of best practices among corporate members so they can enhance their supplier diversity programs.

More and more Canadian corporations are implementing supplier diversity programs. By doing so, they can decrease costs, increase innovation, and drive greater value throughout their organization and for their customers – all of which are necessary to remain competitive in today’s global market.

By joining WBE Canada, you will:

  • Expand your sourcing options. Gain access to the WBE Canada online database of women suppliers certified through internationally standardized procedures.
  • Build relationships with innovative Women’s Business Enterprises. From conferences and webinars through to matchmaking sessions, there are many opportunities to engage with WBEs. You can even learn how to develop a corporate-led mentoring program.
  • Drive value and innovation. Increase the number of suppliers in the marketplace, drive up quality and innovation and drive down cost by developing a more inclusive vendor network.
  • Gain a competitive edge. Source a dynamic network of growth-oriented women business owners, many with products and services that fill unexploited needs in the marketplace.
  • Stay on the leading edge of diversity practices globally. Tap into a truly global knowledge network of visionary practitioners in procurement practices and access “Best Practices” supplier diversity research as well as assistance in developing or expanding supplier diversity programs and initiatives. You’ll get tools and techniques to broaden supplier diversity in your organization.
  • Improve your metrics. Track your women’s business enterprise spending and utilization rates through our system in order to accurately measure and report on diversity in your procurement practices.
  • Reinforce PR efforts. Receive high-profile recognition as a supporter of women-owned businesses through inclusion of your logo on the WBE Canada website, a listing in our brochure and marketing materials, and exposure in our news releases and media outreach.
  • Enhance your brand. Include the WBE Canada member seal on your supplier diversity marketing materials and participate in WBE Canada networking, education and training events to demonstrate your commitment to supplier diversity. Utilizing women-owned firms in your supply chain will boost brand appreciation with women consumers, who make or influence 85% of the purchasing decisions in households.
  • Showcase corporate social responsibility. Play an integral role in developing best practices in Canada that will be an exemplar to the world and demonstrate your global leadership in promoting economic growth through women.
  • Get recognition. Each year, WBE Canada’s Corporate Leader Award recognizes an individual within the corporate membership who has been a leader in implementing supplier diversity in Canada, acting as role model, advocate and champion in supporting women’s engagement in supplier diversity both within corporations and with women-owned businesses.

Fees for 2018/19

Our Corporate member fees are based upon Canadian, not global, revenue provided there is a Corporate entity and operations in Canada for a minimum of two years.

Annual membership fees are tiered by revenue:

  • $10,000 per year | Revenue greater than $500 million
  • $7,500 per year | Revenue between $250 million and $500 million
  • $5,000 per year |  Revenue between $10 million and $250 million
  • $2,500 per year | Revenue less than $10 million

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