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Supplier Diversity Accelerator

Supplier Diversity Accelerator

WBE Canada is committed to supporting our Corporate Member organizations. Designed to support the development and growth of supplier diversity programs and increased opportunities for Canadian Women Business Enterprises (WBEs), the Supplier Diversity Accelerator will provide you with strategic support and know-how.

Supplier Diversity Accelerator is available to ALL WBE Canada Corporate Members irrespective of the length of their membership or  at what level their supplier diversity program is at. 

What can Supplier Diversity Accelerator help you accomplish…

  • Develop a strategic plan for your supplier diversity program to get it rolling quickly
  • Develop a business case for supplier diversity programs that gets support from your leadership team
  • Identify the next steps to enhance and evolve your program
  • Develop a Tier 2 program strategy for your organization
  • Map out internal and/or external communications plans and resources
  • And much more… opportunities are endless

Why is this new program important?

At WBE Canada, we believe in supplier diversity and engaging women-owned businesses in supply chains. We are continually astounded by the depth and breadth of the products and services our WBEs can provide. By supporting you we know that we can help even more WBEs grow and expand in Canada, US and globally. And we are putting our investment right where it will make a difference – in programs and services for our community on both sides of the table –  including our Corporate Members.

To maximize the benefits and support your team through Supplier Diversity Accelerator, WBE Canada has partnered with one of the top consultants in the supplier diversity space – Jamie Crump, a long time supporter of WBE Canada since 2009.

Jamie CrumpJamie Crump has focused her career in strategic sourcing and supplier diversity across a variety of industries including banking, catastrophic insurance, heavy equipment rental, IT, pharmaceuticals, telecommunications, welding and medical supply. A frequent speaker at sourcing, supplier diversity, and leadership events across the U.S. and Canada, Jamie has been responsible for strategic sourcing, business services and operations, software development, capacity provisioning, and supplier diversity over the course of her career. Crump is the author of Backstage Pass: Pulling the Curtain Back on the Business of Supplier Diversity, that takes a look at how supplier diversity interacts with other areas of business or cast members.

Program roll-out

Supplier Diversity Accelerator will be rolled out to our Corporate Member organizations at the time of renewal starting from September 1, 2020. If your membership starts in or after September 2020, you will be eligible to enter the program as soon as your membership dues are paid. Your benefits will continue until your next year’s membership renews and dues are paid. All new Corporate Members who joined in or after June 2020 are also eligible to enter this program.

All requests regarding this program are to be initiated by the Primary Contact of your Corporate Member Organization. Once established, all communication will be with the contact assigned. Any questions or concerns, please contact Silvia Pencak, President of WBE Canada or Michelle Bianchi, VP of Operations and Finance.

Not sure if you’re eligible? Email me to confirm your interest.

To your success,

Silvia Pencak
President, WBE Canada


1: What is the cost for Supplier Diversity Accelerator?

There is no cost for you to join this program. It is included in your Corporate Membership. If you need additional support, more training or consulting is available at cost.

2: What exactly is included in Supplier Diversity Accelerator?

Your benefits depend on your Corporate Membership level. Each level includes workshop, training and consulting. Additional training and consulting are available at member pricing. This added time can NOT be donated and must be used by the purchasing organization.

3: What is the process to join this program?

Requests must be initiated by the Primary contact of our Corporate Member organization. All communication will be with the contact assigned to this program. Not a member? Discover our Membership benefits here.

4: What if I don’t use the consulting time?

We hope that you do. No matter what stage your program is at right now, we believe that without innovation and continual improvement there will be no progress. Yet, if your organization chooses to not use Supplier Diversity Accelerator, let us know and we will donate it to one of the Certified WBE companies.

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