WBE Story – Recognize Your Potential

Are you looking to create a positive culture change in yourself, your business, or your community? Look no further than Floria Aghdamimehr, founder of Recognize Your Potential and Certified WBE since 2022.

With over three decades of experience studying growth mindset, mindfulness, positive psychology, and the law of attraction, Floria is a leading expert in personal and organizational development. But her expertise goes beyond just personal development. In fact, as she explains in a recent article for WBE Canada Magazine, Floria believes that Diversity, Equity & Inclusion must become a Mindset “woven into our leadership and interpersonal communication skills to build trust.”

She brings a unique perspective to her work and is passionate about changing the inner dialogue, putting gratitude to work for you, bringing mindfulness to the workplace including simplifying difficult conversations, and having effective communication. According to Floria, these skills are essential for the 21st-century workplace, especially when rebuilding the economy after a global pandemic.

Floria certified her business, Recognize Your Potential, with WBE Canada in 2022 for three reasons that are integral to her personally and professionally: strategy, growth mindset and focus on solutions.

For Floria Aghdamimehr, WBE Canada certification and supplier diversity go hand in hand. By providing training programs and learning opportunities, certification opens doors and creates a more inclusive and sustainable future for diverse suppliers looking to succeed.

In her work with Recognize Your Potential, Floria has helped individuals and organizations develop the skills and strategies needed to foster a positive culture of diversity, equity, and inclusion. She believes that DE&I should not be seen as a separate initiative or program, but rather as an integral part of the overall culture and values of a business or community.

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