WBE Story – Denny Dealer Services Ltd.

WBE Canada is excited to introduce Denise Garagan, Founder and President of Denny Dealer Services Ltd., a Certified WBE company based in Nova Scotia. Denise was part of the first cohort of the Atlantic Canada Mentorship Program co-hosted by WBE Canada and CWB Nova Scotia, funded by ACOA. During the program we got to know Denise as a fast learner, fearless action taker, and overall a force to reckon with.

Denise Garagan started out in the automotive industry in 1981. For those of us able to remember those interesting economic times, interest rates were in the 20% range and the newest rage in automobiles? K Cars. Fast forward to 1996 when Denise took over as business manager and in 2017 she started Denny Dealer Services Ltd. In 2021 Denise, encouraged by a NS Business organization, certified her business with WBE Canada in an effort to gain credibility and open doors to the right contacts.  During WBE Canada’s 2022 National Conference, Denise shared what certification has meant to her as a women-owned business and especially one in a traditionally male dominated space.

“After working in the Automotive industry since 1981, working with Automotive Dealers initially we have grown to add another line to offer direct to Auto Manufacturers and large Corporations the best/unique/innovative in products/programs, focusing on Eco Friendly, Green and plant based products. DDS certified with WBE as it will give credibility backing and the support necessary for growth in North America.” – Denise Garagan

“As a women-owned business, I was never able to reach the decision-makers. As a certified diverse business,  I am now able to get through doors to people who make the decisions.”

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