WBE Story: BG Communications International Inc.

BG Communications International Inc. is highly recognized in the WBE Canada community. During the 2022 Excellence Awards the company received the highest recognition for Canadian Women Business Enterprises – 2022 Top WBE Supplier. In addition, President of BG Communications International Inc. Maryse Benhoff was also recognized as a 2022 WBE Leader – for the third time in this category.

BG Communications International Inc. is a leading language translation services provider headquartered in Montreal, QC and also one of the first certified WBE companies in Canada. Founded in 1994, the company grew into a leading provider of translation and interpretation services for public and private sector organizations in Canada and abroad focusing on more complex sectors like life sciences, legal, energy, finance, aviation and aerospace and more.

BG Communications also believes in social responsibility. Every year they provide in-kind translation services to charitable and nonprofit organizations helping them deliver on their mission while enjoying significant cost-savings. BG Communications has played a vital part in WBE Canada’s French translation of its website and marketing resources supporting the growth of supplier diversity efforts in Canada.

Maryse Benhoff, President of BG Communications International Inc. and her team work hard to claim their place in supply chains. They understand the weight on their shoulders – as a women-owned business their failure could translate to closed doors for other women-owned businesses while their success might inspire willingness to include more WBEs in the same supply chains. Maryse is fearlessly leading the way for many female leaders to follow. In addition, she is a tireless advocate of WBE Canada, certification and supplier diversity after personally experiencing the impact of the efforts on her business growth. Maryse and her team are currently working with WBE Canada on development of their own supplier diversity strategy to provide more opportunities to the Canadian WBE certified companies.

Maryse is a supporter and champion of the WBE Canada community. Over the years, she has served as a speaker, panelist, magazine contributor, member and Chair of the Supplier Advisory Committee, and even as Board Director representing fellow WBEs.

Being part of WBE Canada helps bring the right relationships to the right opportunity, it provides a fertile environment for trust, collegiality, learning and serious business all under one roof. To have been part of the infrastructure of WBE Canada for 4 years gave my team and I, a very comprehensive understanding of the diversity space from every angle of the prism,” said Maryse Benhoff.

“My first memory of Maryse is from the WBE Canada’s 2018 Conference. I remember delivering my final remarks and Maryse yelling back at me from the back of the room that she will support the work of WBE Canada,” said Silvia Pencak, President & CEO, WBE Canada. “And I must say that she definitely over-delivered on that promise. Maryse served on the Supplier Advisory Committee for 4 years, becoming our close ally and advisor. Her commitment to supporting Canadian women-owned businesses is unwavering and inspiring. It’s because of leaders like Maryse and WBE companies like BG Communications that WBE Canada continues to grow and our community receives the support it has. I look forward to what’s next as BG Communications continues exploring opportunities to use their own success to support the communities around them.”

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