WBE Canada President’s Update: April 2019

Silvia Pencak

WBE Canada is in celebration mode this year. We have  reached our first decade and we are counting down to our largest conference yet as we celebrate the achievements of our WBEs, Corporate Members, Partner organizations and more.

When McKinsey issued their report in 2015, we were all shocked by the high cost of not having women participating equally to men in the economy – $28 trillion to be precise. Women bring unique perspectives, solutions and approaches to today’s economic problems. Their contribution makes a difference across all industries.

At WBE Canada we believe that including women-owned businesses in supply chains not only makes sense, but it also makes a difference. As supplier diversity expands corporations and government experience newly-discovered creativity, innovation and growth.

WBE Canada has achieved some major milestones this year and we wanted to share them with you…

  • 250+ certified WBEs in our database and growing – we LOVE our community of amazing and brilliant women founders and their teams
  • 10 new Corporate Members within the past 12 months, including Government of Canada – Welcome on board!
  • Increased numbers of WBEs who are successful at winning corporate & government contracts and increased revenues of our WBE community

Even though the above results are impressive, we are just beginning. There are women-owned businesses out there who are standing alone in their industry . There are corporations out there that CAN make a difference. There are partners out there who can change the game plan. We are constantly looking for opportunities to bring all parties together to work towards successful outcomes.   

With your help this task can be achieved faster and our voice can become louder. Please, share our events on social media. Sponsor our projects and programs. Attend our events.  Refer a potential WBE to us. Extend an opportunity to a Canadian WBE. Become involved. Lend your expertise. Together we can make a difference.

I will be looking forward to us making a wave in Canada and abroad. Thank you for your support!


Silvia Pencak
President, WBE Canada

PS: Stay in touch with us, check out our upcoming events here.

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