Top 6 Tips to Prepare for Networking Events

Silvia Pencak

Preparation is the key to getting the most out of these opportunities. Here are a couple tips to help you maximize your time and resources.

1. Select the Right Networking Event To Attend

Look for a match between your business/organizational goals and the event focus or attendees.

2. Research Companies in Attendance

Find out what companies will be represented at the event, what they’re working on, who is the person attending, and what are the current or upcoming opportunities for your line of business. We strongly recommend that you review corporate social responsibility reports and annual reports, and do a quick review of the website. Some companies have recorded “Meet the Buyer” sessions with information for suppliers on how to do business with them – definitely review these as part of your research.

3. Decide on Your Desired Outcome

What is the goal you are looking to achieve through attending this event? Are you looking to pitch a specific solution or have a follow up conversation? Are you seeking an introduction to a specific buyer or department? Are you looking to connect with women-owned businesses? Are you looking to find a supplier in a specific category? The more specifically you set your desired outcome for the event, the more likely you are to achieve it.

4. Prepare Your Elevator Pitch

During our events Table Hosts have 4-5 minutes to review their company procurement and supplier diversity programming. WBEs have 1-2 minutes to present their business or solution or ask their questions. Make sure your pitch is clear, relevant and intriguing and your questions to the point.

5. Prepare Your Resources

Business card, capability statement, and a sample are good options to bring with you to our events.

6. Set Yourself Apart

All our events offer sponsorship opportunities which can pull your business out of the pack and help you build brand recognition with all event attendees. Email us at if one of our events seems like a great sponsorship opportunity for you.

We can’t wait to meet you at our upcoming events.  


Silvia Pencak

President, WBE Canada

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