Top 5 Strategies To Help You Win BIG in 2019

Successful leadership

Did you know that…

  • 80% of New Year’s resolutions fail by the second week of February?
  • Only 9% of people actually achieve their wishes?

I have always been fascinated by the difference between winners and those who come up short – never reaching their goal. What sets winners apart from dreamers who end up with regrets? How do winners win and achievers achieve?

Here are my favourite 5 success strategies I’ve learned over the course of 20+ years as a leader (yes, I started very early, haha) that I observed in top leaders across the industries and around the globe. You could call them universal principles.

Evaluate and Improve

I believe that evaluation and improvement go hand in hand. Without evaluation it is impossible to improve and without improvement evaluation is a waste of time. Top leaders continually review change and evaluate progress, not just once a year. They evaluate quarterly, monthly, weekly, even daily. Evaluation prevents you from colossal mistakes, wasted energy, even dead ends. It helps you course correct and adjust as needed. To be a champion you need to be objective, accept feedback and strive for improvement. In the short terms every second counts. In the long runs skills, techniques and perseverance get you ahead of the game.

Build on Your Strengths

It’s always easier to win when you play to your best strengths. Your strengths are your superpowers. Once you accept and embrace them you will be able to get more done and achieve better results. For years I’ve been challenging leaders to concentrate most of their time and energy in the areas of their strengths. This strategy alone can completely transform the results you create in the upcoming year. Know yourself and continually improve and do what you are good at and delegate the rest.

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Take Time To Observe, Read & Learn

People usually don’t believe me when I say that I am an introvert. But as an introvert I embrace the power of observation. Observing trends, spotting opportunities and improving capabilities should be on every leader’s to-do list in 2019 and beyond. Leaders celebrate their successes but don’t dwell on past achievements. They continually strive for further progress. If you haven’t tried it yet, I challenge you to become an observer and pay attention to people around you. Which brings me to my next point.

Build Alliances

You MUST remember that winners don’t do things solo. There is a coach behind each successful skater. And there is a team behind each successful leader. Someone once told me that if you reach the top of a mountain and nobody is following you, you are a climber, not a leader. To achieve great results, you should surround yourself with people you can trust. Someone who will give you honest feedback, someone who has complementary strengths and someone who can challenge you and burst your pink bubble. Diversity is strength. A diverse team will always outperform conformity.

But don’t get stuck looking just at your team. Network, build alliances and partnerships, help other people and become that person who makes a difference. Go first. Who can you help, support, inspire and lift up? Become that person who invests in others. Because at the end of the day you will reap what you sow.

Never Quit

I wish this was simple and rosy. . I wish life was easy and things worked according to our plans. But the truth is that no matter how well you prepare or how good your strategy is, you will face challenges and obstacles. There will be emergencies and people who frustrate and derail you. Yet, to win, you need to keep the course and persevere. Don’t let setbacks define you. Keep doing the good work. Leaders are willing to pay the price to become winners. Champions don’t take shortcuts. They have vision and stay the course. They are willing to follow the less easy path in the short term in order to reap the benefits in the long term.

Chances are that you have already heard the above tips. And you might even be using them to some level. Yet, let me ask you a simple question. What will you do differently in 2019 to improve your results from last year? There should be a new level of understanding or intentionality in your approach and action if you want to see different results.

I want to wish you a successful 2019. Connect with us on social media and keep us posted about your successes. I am personally looking forward to hearing from you – my favourite place to connect is Twitter and then LinkedIn.

To your success,

Silvia Pencak
President, WBE Canada

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