WBE Certification – Expectations Vs. Reality

Women Business Enterprises Canada Council (WBE Canada) verifies eligibility of Canadian women-owned businesses for corporate and government supplier diversity programs. We certify businesses that are majority owned, managed and controlled by women. WBE (Women Business Enterprise) certification is an important key to helping women-owned businesses accelerate the growth of their companies, scale up and create a positive economic impact on the communities they are part of.

Let’s set the record straight and review what you CAN and CAN’T expect from WBE certification. First, let’s start with the opportunity.

WBE certification DOES…

  • open doors and provide the access to opportunities that can help you win corporate and government contracts,
  • make you eligible for corporate and government Supplier Diversity and Supplier Development programs and opportunities,
  • give you a listing in the Canadian WBE Database utilized by many Canadian and International companies seeking to engage more Canadian WBEs in their supply chains
  • provide you with access to networking opportunities, closed door trade-shows, events and meetings designed to connect you to buyers,
  • give you access to a community of like-minded women entrepreneurs where you can build alliances, partnerships, and find mentors who understand your challenges
  • provide you with training and development opportunities designed to help your business land more corporate contracts
  • provide you with opportunity to get involved and become a champion for other WBEs and support their growth

WBE Certification DOES NOT…

  • guarantee your success or a major contract with a large corporation – you might be invited to bid on opportunities thanks to your Certified WBE status but you will need to compete and win to leverage these opportunities.
  • turn WBE Canada Team into your sales and marketing team – we are your champions, we will help you learn and grow but you are in charge of marketing, sales and growth for your company
  • represent the end of your journey – on the contrary, being certified is just the beginning of new relationships, new opportunities and new heights for your business.
  • work like a magic button – you have to do your homework. The onus is on you to register on corporate supplier portals, participate in events, trainings and webinars, workshops and WBE Meetups, and above all else, learn about Supplier Diversity, how it works, what it means for a women-owned business and how to navigate opportunities offered by major corporations and government organizations. In other words, we provide you with the tools and resources, you bring the expertise, curiosity, and persistent action to see that magic happen.

WBE Canada provides relentless advocacy, support, training and networking opportunities to grow your business. Our underlying strategy is to ensure certified Women Business Enterprises (WBEs) have the tools necessary to lay the foundation for doing business with large corporations and government organizations, providing corporate and government buyers with certified WBE suppliers ready to respond to the opportunities offered. It takes work to make it work so use every resource WBE Canada provides and keep yourself, your team and your business in the know through our Toolbox, WBE Magazine, weekly updates, articles and social media posts.

While WBE certification is a great tool, not every business is a candidate. Continue reading here to see if certification is the right step for your business.

About WBE Canada

Women Business Enterprises Canada Council (WBE Canada) is a Canadian non profit organization with a mission to empower Canadian Women Business Enterprises (WBEs) with equal access to corporate and public procurement. Our role is to certify, promote and develop women-owned businesses while also supporting our Corporate Member community with the access to a pool of business-ready suppliers. Since 2009 we’ve been certifying businesses that are 51% or more owned, managed and controlled by women and connecting them to supply chains. More information here.

Is your business majority owned, managed and controlled by a woman/women? Learn how to certify your business as WBE (Women Business Enterprise).