University of Toronto – Starting Supplier Diversity

University of Toronto – Starting Supplier Diversity

In July 2021, the University of Toronto became the first Canadian University to join the WBE Canada Corporate Member community, marking a significant milestone. They are actively refining their social procurement program and supplier diversity portal, demonstrating their dedication to cultivating a more diverse supplier network. This involves a deliberate integration of equity-deserving suppliers that includes Canadian Women Business Enterprises. Through responsible procurement practices, the university strives to make a positive impact on the community’s social and environmental well-being.

Lisa Myre is the Social Procurement Strategy Manager at The University of Toronto. With tireless dedication, Lisa is the driving force behind the development and advancement of the university’s Social Procurement Program. Her leadership has been characterized by a strategic approach, underscored by the establishment of valuable partnerships with both internal and external stakeholders and the nurturing of a network of champions. At a high-level, this process includes the exchange of knowledge with community tables, a compelling business case, and the execution of a series of pivotal pilot projects.

The University of Toronto operates through a decentralized purchasing structure. Ensuring fair, transparent, and open access for suppliers to compete for the University’s business is essential. Through the social procurement program, faculties and departments now have access to a Diverse Supplier Portal comprised of equity-deserving and local suppliers that provide a wide range of goods and services.

Lisa Myre

Operating at the crossroads of program, project, and supplier diversity leadership, Lisa is a visionary catalyst for transformation. Committed to excellence, she intricately blends innovation and strategy to set new benchmarks. Beyond the ordinary, Lisa is a trailblazer in supplier diversity, nurturing collaboration that drives innovation and inclusivity. Her strategic alliances underscore her dedication to diversity as a pillar of enduring success.

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