Turning Personal Pain to Purpose: The “Real Talk” Journey

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REAL TALK CREATIVE: Turning Personal Pain to Purpose: The “Real Talk” Journey. Originally published in WBE Canada Magazine; Issue 13. Read our full magazine HERE.

In April 2019, Rachael-Lea Rickards’ life took an unexpected turn through a random assault in the street, leading to a journey of severe panic, anxiety, and fear of leaving her house. Exactly one year later, Real Talk Candles was born, not out of a grand plan, but as a personal attempt to find solace. Rachael-Lea started making candles in her house, experimenting with scents and messages to alleviate the panic and anxiety that had taken over her life.

Turning pain to purpose private label and tradeshow candles What began as a personal endeavor turned into a viral success, appearing on Indigo shelves within two months. Women lined up an hour before Indigo opened to get their Real Talk Candles, making them more popular than a Nike shoe drop!

What set Real Talk Candles apart was its ability to provide laughter during the pandemic, a time that was otherwise very scary. The journey evolved beyond candles into a community during the pandemic, offering more than just candles, expanding to hoodies, journals, tumblers, pet wear and more. Rachael-Lea’s followers wanted more, and we began to receive request after request for corporate custom work, and hence, Real Talk Creative was born.

As Real Talk Creative is gaining popularity, corporate professionals crave that same authenticity in their company’s gifting options. The demand for Real Talk Creative soared as individuals sought to infuse genuine connection into their corporate gifts. And you’ll sense the Real Talk Creative connection the moment you meet with Rachael-Lea, founder of this transformative journey.

Turning pain to purpose Scannable-CandlesRachael-Lea understands the needs of corporate gifting; as a Director of Events and Corporate gifting for over 10 years, she knows what companies need and invites them to connect differently from the choices in the past. Whether it’s candle classes for Team Building or creating a one-of-a-kind gift with our Real Talk Products, it’s time to try something different. Real Talk Creative, born out of a personal quest to alleviate panic and anxiety through candle-making, has evolved into a beacon of authenticity. Rachael-Lea’s genuine approach and innovative offerings redefine corporate connection. In a world where online collaboration has become the norm, it’s now time to foster genuine connections with teams. Real Talk Creative stands ready to revolutionize how we do that, proving that it’s not just about what you gift but how you gift it. “Real Talk Candles start conversations and always build connections.”

Conversations and connections are what lead to Rachael-Lea looking into WBE Canada certification. Her biggest challenge is how to keep growing her business. She still sees the impact from the pandemic and how people are reluctant or even not willing to spend the time to have real conversations. In Rachael-Lea’s words:

“WBE Canada offers me the opportunity to be amongst like-minded entrepreneurs and gives me access to a network of women and thought leaders who want to share their experiences and are interested in her story”.

And of key importance – the chance to learn and have access to the support she craves as she takes Real Talk Creative to the next level.

Rachael-Lea-Rickards-Headshot-250x300Rachael-Lea Rickards

Rachael-Lea Rickards is a BIPOC Torontonian, playwright, published author, social media pot stirrer and the Founder of Real Talk Creative Agency. The sister company of Real Talk Candles, which launched at the outset of the 2020 pandemic. From Rachael-Lea’s living room floor emerged Real Talk Candles, initially as comfort from the aftermath of a random street attack. As she grappled with PTSD, candle-making became her unexpected refuge. Soon, her candles ignited a viral frenzy, earning features in publications like Elle Magazine, The National, Today’s Parent, Toronto Life and Buzzfeed. Loved by Cityline, the Social and Breakfast Television, within just three months, they were lighting up Indigo shelves, catapulting Rachael-Lea into a whirlwind journey with no turning back! Renowned for their witty and sometimes sassy messages, it was evident that people craved laughter. With a loyal following and clientele, requests poured in from clients such as RBC, CIBC, Henry Schein, MLE, MAC Cosmetics, and Mirvish Productions, among others. And so, Real Talk Creative Agency came into being. The agency brings its trademark quick wit and originality to the corporate and event worlds. Alongside candles, Real Talk Creative Agency offers private and custom labels, wholesale, copy, video and audio creation, promotional merch, and the newest addition: “The QR Connection”. This innovative gifting program blends technology with custom gifts, enabling clients to craft audio and video messages. “I didn’t make it this far because I sell candles, I sell connection, and we need more of that!” says Rachael-Lea. For a free consultation, visit www.realtalkcreative.com.

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