WBE Canada and RBC Partner To Provide Financial Education to Women Businesses Enterprises

WBE education session

Financial decisions touch so many aspects of life. Some decisions are simpler, ranging from day-to-day purchases and choosing products and services for you and your family, while others are more complex, such as saving for your children’s education, caring for an aging parent, or planning for long-term life and retirement goals. WBE Canada and RBC partnered to provide a 20-part deep-dive learning experience to help Canadian Women Business Enterprises (WBEs) navigate through the complexities of financial planning.

The main goal of the RBC Wealth Management Financial Literacy Program is to help individuals better prepare for their financial futures, developing the knowledge and skills needed to manage both the growth and preservation of their own financial resources, as well as the wealth they may inherit. Beyond building a strong foundational knowledge and understanding of a full range of wealth and financial planning topics, this program also encourages and supports individuals in thinking critically, provides exposure to all areas of wealth planning, and fosters relevant skills that can then be applied to planning for every stage of life.

This program is available to all Certified WBEs, limited seats are open and will be allocated on a first come first served basis. Sessions will be held between May and June and again between September and October. Information is posted in WBE Canada Toolbox.

For media inquiries:
Silvia Pencak, marketing@wbecanada.ca, 416-646-6233