Finding WBE Canada’s Pathfinder Program: N2 Infrastructure Technologies Inc.

Finding WBE Canada’s Pathfinder Program: N2 Infrastructure Technologies Inc. Originally published in WBE Canada Magazine; Issue 12. Read our full magazine HERE.

Raheel Kamal didn’t exactly start out to own a logistics company, let alone one that utilizes drone technology in Canada’s north. As an electrical engineer, Raheel served as General Manager in her family-owned business in India, eventually relocating to Saudi Arabia. With a passion for entrepreneurship and a desire to contribute to the world through cutting-edge technology, she connected with experts in the drone industry.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Raheel recognized the pressing global issue of logistics, particularly in remote areas lacking reliable road infrastructure. She identified the northern part of Canada as an area significantly impacted by inflation, adverse weather conditions and limited logistical options and where daily supply chains and emergency services face formidable challenges. With a dedicated team of experts, she and her colleagues relocated to Canada with a goal to not only navigate the complexities of the logistics landscape but to elevate their business to new heights through innovation and excellence while aligning with global sustainability objectives.

With the technology side of her new business in place and final regulatory and licensing requirements being finalized, Raheel began looking to support her business development.

As a women entrepreneur, she discovered WBE Canada and attended the National Conference in November 2023. And found exactly what she was looking for – WBE Canada’s Pathfinder Program.

“After seeking out resources and support tailored to women entrepreneurs, I discovered WBE Canada and recognized it as a valuable opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals, access resources, and grow my business within a supportive network. I decided to join the Pathfinder Program because of its reputation for providing comprehensive support and guidance specifically designed for women entrepreneurs. Recognizing the value of mentorship and tailored resources in navigating the challenges of entrepreneurship, I saw the Pathfinder Program as an ideal opportunity to receive personalized guidance, access to networks, and resources to accelerate my business growth and development.” – Raheel Kamal, Co-Founder & Director, N2 Infrastructure Technologies Inc.

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If you are not yet ready to tackle the complexities of large corporate and government supply chains, join us in Pathfinder at:

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Raheel Kamal


Co-Founder & Director, N2 Infrastructure Technologies Inc.

Raheel Kamal, a female entrepreneur hailing from India, initially pursued electrical engineering and later earned her MBA. Taking on the role of General Manager in the family business in India, she then ventured to Saudi Arabia for new opportunities. With a keen interest in the drone industry, Raheel decided to implement drone technology in Canada, particularly for logistics and supplies to remote locations. As Director and Co-Founder, she continues to lead the company’s efforts in leveraging engineering innovation to address critical logistical challenges, positioning N2 Infrastructure as a pioneering force in the evolving landscape of Canadian logistics.