Colibri Vanille: More Than Just a Sweet Success Story


COLIBRI VANILLE: More Than Just a Sweet Success Story. Originally published in WBE Canada Magazine; Issue 13. Read our full magazine HERE.

To understand the success of Colibri Vanille, you have to know Chantale Caron, its founder. Chantale started out roughly twenty years ago, raising ducklings on her farm in the heart of Quebec. Over the years her farm evolved as did her mission of eco-responsibility and commitment to social and ecological concerns. A feminist, alter-globalizationist, Chantale has always been engaged in anti-racist struggles and class struggles, supporting organic farming and developing an eco-responsible business. Her passions combined with years as a farmer, resulted in the creation of Colibri Vanille, a business led by an all-female team crafting the finest vanilla extracts and vanilla paste straight from the pod, setting them apart as the pioneers of bean-to-bottle vanilla in Canada.

Colibri Vanille photoMuch like the bean-to-bar movement revolutionized chocolate, Colibri Vanille takes the same artisanal approach to vanilla, refusing to dilute their products with imported concentrates. Instead, Chantale forges direct relationships with vanilla producers across the globe, from the jungles of Brazil to Mexico, focusing on the quality and flavour of their products, using current methods to extract vanilla in the most efficient and natural way possible and bypassing middlemen to honour the diverse terroirs and the hard work of vanilla farmers. They pay producers the same price as they would pay to a local trader.

The profit margin is not to give to two or three intermediaries, but to the procedure directly. Freed from the monopolistic yoke of local collectors and with the help of Colibri Vanille, producers quietly develop their products to bring them closer to the highest international quality standards.

Colibri Vanille is also concerned about the environmental impact of its activity and is constantly looking for ways to minimize its carbon footprint. The company uses ecological packaging and ensures that its production methods are as sustainable as possible.

“What sets us apart isn’t just our commitment to quality, but our dedication to sustainability, responsibility, and equity throughout the vanilla supply chain. We’re not just in it for profit; we’re in it to make a difference, which is why Colibri Vanille is actively engaged in various global organizations advocating for the sustainable development of the vanilla industry” Chantale Caron, President, Colibri Vanille.

Colibri Vanille ProductColibri Vanille products can be found on the shelves of any IGA or Metro in Quebec. But their ambitions stretch far beyond provincial borders and they are on a mission to share the essence of true vanilla goodness with the rest of Canada and in the United States. Every jar of their vanilla paste or bottle of extract, consumers are not just getting a flavour enhancer, they are supporting a movement. A movement driven by passion, led by women and fueled by a commitment to preserving the purity and integrity of one of the world’s most beloved spices.


Earlier this year, Colibri Vanille certified with WBE Canada as a way to help move the business forward and develop new directions including exporting. Like most small businesses, gaining trust to secure funding and backing is always a challenge. Certification helps in establishing that trust, identifying and creating partnerships previously unexplored, and forging new relationships with other WBEs and opening doors to corporate and government procurement opportunities.

Colibri Vanille product 2

What’s on the horizon for Colibri Vanille? Chantale and her small team continue to search the world for the absolute best vanilla. Recently they undertook a global launch of Colibri Vanille’s Maya ancestral vanilla, a rare and sought-after variety, incredibly fragrant and captivating. Taking Colibri Vanille globally is definitely a priority and expanding their product line beyond the traditional uses of vanilla to cosmetics and perfumes.

Chantale-Caron headshot 250x300Chantale Caron

Chantale Caron stands as the sole purveyor of genuine vanilla extract in Canada. Beyond her entrepreneurial endeavour, she champions producers worldwide, ensuring they receive fair compensation for their treasure trove of terroirs. Before founding Colibri Vanille, Chantale Caron owned an organic farm, producing duck eggs, and ran a five-room bed and breakfast in her ancestral home in Saint-Roch-de-Richelieu, QC. A feminist and alter-globalist, Chantale is deeply involved in anti-racism and class struggles. She supports organic farming and the development of an eco-responsible business and helps vanilla producers quietly develop their products to bring them closer to the highest international quality standards. For further information:


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