WBE Certification Boosts Opportunity & Revenue: HerBrand

WBE Certification Boosts Opportunity & Revenue: HerBrand. Originally published in WBE Canada Magazine; Issue 12. Read our full magazine HERE.

HerBrand Consulting specializes in helping brands market more effectively with women, from research and strategy to final execution. The firm also recently launched a new division called HB Consulting that helps B2B brands stand out from a sea of sameness in the midst of what can be a very “dry toast” B2B space.

Taktical is a Montreal-based CX production studio and WBE Canada Certified diverse supplier, that uses Design Storytelling and Creative Production to bridge the gap between traditional marketing and the desired Metaverse through cinematic and interactive 3D content based on alluring narratives for the best ROI.

As a certified WBE for just over three years, HerBrand Consulting has been introduced and exposed to exceptional opportunities. During its first year of certification, the company was most excited about meeting and pitching corporate members, which took place during WBE Canada’s Meet & Pitch and B2B Matchmaker events. And while meeting corporate members was extremely exciting, HerBrand came to realize that meeting and pitching fellow WBEs was equally as exciting and fruitful. During its second year of certification, HerBrand had the good fortune of meeting the team at Taktical during a Matchmaker event. Taktical’s expertise helped HerBrand secure new business – a global website project – with an existing client that it would not have been able to fulfill without this partnership – exciting indeed! The project was a success, which helped change the client’s perception of HerBrand, bringing additional opportunities to the forefront.

HerBrand’s WBE certification is opening doors that have helped the company reposition itself for success and generate new revenue in unforeseen ways. Exciting and worth the investment!

For more information about HerBrand Consulting, contact Emily Spensieri at emily@herbrandconsulting.com.

For more information about Taktical, contact Farinaz Farzadnia at farinaz@takticalstudio.com.

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