Bramble Hill Farm: Nourishing Nova Scotia and Beyond


BRAMBLE HILL FARM: Nourishing Nova Scotia and Beyond. Originally published in WBE Canada Magazine; Issue 13. Read our full magazine HERE.

Bramble Hill Farm is a year-round greenhouse operation that produces a unique microgreen salad mix, bringing a fresh twist to a grocery staple. Owner Cathy Munro is new to a career in farming having left a path in fisheries science to pursue her dream of working in agriculture and entrepreneurship. Seeing consumers being challenged with issues like shelf life and boredom with simple lettuce choices, Cathy started a line of greens that are anything but boring. So before we go any further you may ask – what are microgreens? They are those first little shoots that pop up when you plant a vegetable seed – basically a baby vegetable harvested just before it grows into a full plant. And they are packed full of nutrients and bursting with taste!

Bramble-Hill-Farm-Cathy-MunroLocated in Pictou Co., NS, Bramble Hill Farm focuses on year-round production of microgreens which they wholesale to a wealth of independent grocery stores and fresh food markets in Nova Scotia. The greens are harvested on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, packaged and delivered to stores on Thursdays. Harvesting and packaging is undertaken by a small staff of only three. Being a consistent supplier is key to building their wholesale business.

Expanding on their product line, Bramble Hill Farm recently introduced their Micro Garden, a unique DIY kit featuring functional packaging (reducing the need for additional plastic use) and includes everything to grow your microgreens on a window sill or tabletop. Its ease of use, inclusive materials and intuitive design reduce the barriers often felt by first-time growers. Still relatively new to the market, BHF is currently partnering with Sobeys throughout Nova Scotia expanding its availability for consumers. Committed to community, Bramble Hill Farm stepped forward earlier this year to partner with Nourish Nova Scotia (NNS) a registered charity dedicated to promoting healthy nourishment for children and youth to launch the “Nourish Your Roots 2.0L Micro Garden Fundraiser”. Funds raised go towards supporting school breakfast, snack, lunch and community garden programs. As a direct and immediate positive impact of the BHF/NNS partnership came the need for Bramble Hill Farm to expand its production capacity. The result is a co-packing partnership with Summer Street Industries in New Glasgow, NS which creates and facilitates opportunities for people with intellectual disabilities – allowing BHF to scale its Micro Garden products and create local employment opportunities with Summer Street Industries. A win-win across the board.

WBE-Canada-Magazine_SM-Cover-Stories-Promo_Bramble-Hill-Farm FamilyBramble Hill Farm is a relatively new business having only established itself in 2019 but in five years they have created a thriving operation, created unique nutritious products supplying to independent grocery stores as well as a national chain in Nova Scotia, expanded to include on-line shopping for its Micro Garden, collaborated with Nourish Nova Scotia to promote healthy nourishment of children and youth and partnered with Summer Street Industries to provide local opportunities to those with traditional barriers to employment. Cathy Munro recently joined the Centre for Women and Business (CWB) in Halifax and took their advanced management program. In her own words

“I realized that there is no ceiling, there is only what you set for yourself. I just needed a shift in mindset, to look at different products and different ways to serve my customers”.

WBE Certification is also helping Bramble Hill Farm open up doors….doors that Cathy didn’t realize were available to her business. The goal is to scale BHF nationally and Cathy knows there are lots of opportunities to work with larger corporations but those connections can be difficult to navigate on your own. Bramble Hill Farm has experienced great growth and armed with their winning formula of growing a nutritious, sustainable product, providing reliable, consistent customer service, forging collaborative and unique partnerships as well as looking ahead to new opportunities that WBE Canada Certification can provide, there is no telling on what shelves or on whose tables BHF’s “never boring greens” will arrive.

Cathy Munro headshotCathy Munro

Cathy Munro is the founder & farmer of Bramble Hill Farm in Pictou Co. The farm started in 2014 as a mixed vegetable farmers’ market operation. Following market opportunity, customer needs and the desire to grow year-round Bramble Hill build a greenhouse in 2017 and has since found a niche as one of the largest microgreen growers in eastern Canada. 2023 Bramble Hill launched their newest product Micro Garden, a unique-to-market DIY grow kit.

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