Video Testimonial: WBE Canada & BDC

BDC was the Presenting Sponsor at the 2018 WBE Canada Annual Conference and this was also their first year as a Corporate Member of WBE Canada!

Maude Parisseau from BDC provided this video testimonial at the conference to discuss the benefits of Corporate Membership with WBE Canada.

“For us, it was really important to become one because it’s an extension of our mandate,” Maude said. “BDC is here to support Canadian entrepreneurs. It allows us to meet with different entrepreneurs, to learn more about them, their passion, and also to be able to meet with other organizations and corporations that do encourage other WBEs, and to learn from their diverse supplier programs.”

The Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC) is wholly owned by the Government of Canada. Its mandate is to help create and develop Canadian businesses through financing, venture capital, growth and transition capital and consulting services.

She mentioned how beneficial it is to “meet with a network of entrepreneurs that are so passionate about what they do. It’s a unique chance to meet so many people at the same time and to learn from them. We really need to sit down with entrepreneurs and to understand their reality.”

There are so many benefits to becoming a Corporate Member of WBE Canada. It can help you:

  • Expand your sourcing options
  • Build relationships with innovative Women’s Business Enterprises
  • Drive value and innovation by increasing quality and innovation and decreasing cost by developing a more inclusive vendor network
  • Gain a competitive edge through a dynamic network of growth-oriented women business owners, many with products and services that fill unexploited needs in the marketplace
  • Improve your metrics by tracking spending and utilization rates in our system
  • Showcase corporate social responsibility

See all the Corporate Member benefits here.

If you’re a women-owned Candian business, learn the benefits of becoming Certified WBE here.

Thank you to everyone who provided testimonials at the WBE Canada Conference! See you all next year.