Video Testimonial: WBE Canada and Pivotal Coaching

Why WBE Canada?

We’ve been bringing you video testimonials from the WBE Canada 2018 Annual Conference, and we hope you enjoy them as much as we do! We’re always thankful for and inspired by our WBEs who share their stories with us.

Lisa W. Haydon is the President of Pivotal Growth Inc., and a new WBE who attended the WBE Conference for the first time this year. As a leader in executive coaching services, Pivotal Growth works with corporations to transform the potential of human capital into business growth. Lisa has helped a wide range of companies and leaders grow through leadership and sales.

You can hear about Lisa’s work with women in leadership and on boards, and how she tries to be a role model in this video. She also talks about how impressed she was with the WBE Conference and WBE certification so far.

“Being part of the community and the access to large corporate buyers has been fantastic,” Lisa said. “They’ve been accessible, open, and given great perspective that might have taken me several months to figure out. Great conversations, great connections and super helpful to growing my business.”

Here are just a few of the benefits of becoming a Certified WBE:

  • Your company profile in the WBE Canada database that our corporate members access to source new and diverse suppliers
  • Opportunities to network and build relationships with our member corporations – an impressive and growing list of top national and international organizations, all eager to diversify their supply chains
  • Training workshops on how to leverage your certification, capacity building for your business and how to pursue procurement opportunities

Learn more about becoming a Certified WBE here

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