A WBE Answers the Question “Why WBE Canada?”

You may have read all about Certification Benefits here on our website, or attended a networking event where you learned more about the value of becoming WBE-Certified.

While we love sharing info on the advantages of certification with as many people as possible, nothing makes us happier than hearing directly from certified WBEs how this designation has impacted their growth and success!

WBE Canada had the chance to speak with many WBEs at the WBE Canada 2018 Annual Conference, and also to record some video testimonials. Brittany Miller of Walker Law, a Toronto law firm in Toronto specializing in property and franchise law, spoke about how WBE certification has benefited business.

“As a boutique-sized firm we’re often underestimated or overshadowed by our larger counterparts,” she said. “Being part of WBE gives us a chance to get in the room with corporations and other suppliers that wouldn’t otherwise know we were there, or might not realize what our capabilities are.”

Miller recommends that other women-owned businesses get certified. WBE Canada offers opportunities to network and build relationships with an impressive and growing list of top national and international organizations, regional partner organizations and government procurement officers and supporters.

WBEs are also part of a unique and supportive network and receive coaching and mentoring from other certified women-owned firms, and through corporate membership mentoring programs offered by Accenture, RBC and TELUS.

“WBE really offers a big community of women-owned businesses and corporations who are there to support you and promote supplier diversity that you wouldn’t otherwise have access to, so that kind of partnership and community and mentorship opportunity is a huge benefit,” Miller said.

Thank you to everyone who provided testimonials at the WBE Canada Conference! See you all next year.

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