We had a fantastic year. Joining WBE Canada was the best thing I did for my Company outside of hiring great people. I look forward to many years growing my business with WBE Canada’s support and help!

WBE Canada gives women-owned businesses access to corporate and government supply chains. Canadian WBEs get to enjoy more than just networking. Learn more directly from one of our WBEs.

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Ashlee Froese: WBE Community Gears Women To Succeed

WBE Canada’s Conference & Gala is a highlight of the year for Canada’s business community. We bring together women-owned businesses from across Canada, corporations and government organizations committed to supporting women-owned businesses through the opportunities in their supply chains as we celebrate the achievements, innovations and incredible impact our community creates on Canadian economy, empowerment of Canadian women-owned businesses and innovations in supply chains.

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To learn more about WBE Canada Conference visit WBEconference.ca

WBE Canada Conference

CIBC shares excitement around being part of WBE Canada community and having opportunity to meet and support women-owned businesses and engage them in their supply chain opportunities.

CIBC is committed to diversifying their supply chain and increasing their spend with diverse suppliers, specifically with Canadian women-owned businesses. Learn more…

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CIBC Is Committed To Diversifying Its Supply Chain

Michelle White from Today Living Group provided this video testimonial at the WBE Canada 2018 Annual Conference to discuss the benefits of Certification with WBE Canada for women-owned businesses.

Michelle White identifies access to the corporate buyers as the biggest benefit of WBE certification. Instead of talking to gatekeepers, you get to connect with the buyers and corporate professionals who are willing and ready to help you navigate the supply chain.

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Michelle White: WBE Certification Gives Women Access

Lisa W. Haydon is the President of Pivotal Coaching, a WBE Canada certified company.

“Being part of the community and the access to large corporate buyers has been fantastic,” Lisa said. “They’ve been accessible, open, and given great perspective that might have taken me several months to figure out. Great conversations, great connections and super helpful to growing my business.”

Pivotal Coaching

Maude Parisseau from BDC provided this video testimonial at the conference to discuss the benefits of Corporate Membership with WBE Canada.

“For us, it was really important to become one because it’s an extension of our mandate,” she said. “BDC is here to support Canadian entrepreneurs. It allows us to meet with different entrepreneurs, to learn more about them, their passion, and also to be able to meet with other organizations and corporations that do encourage other WBEs, and to learn from their diverse supplier programs.”


“WBE Canada helps a boutique-sized law firm, like Walker Law, get in the room with other larger suppliers that otherwise might not know about them or might not realize what their capabilities are.

They recommend that women-owned businesses be certified to get the chance to connect with corporations who are looking for diverse suppliers they wouldn’t otherwise have access to. That kind of partnership, community and mentorship opportunities are a huge benefit WBE offers as well.”

Walker Law

“The biggest benefit was being exposed to high level strategic thinkers who brought key learnings they gladly shared with us. It allowed me to think broader and focus on more profitable business, letting go of things that were not contributing to the bottom line.”

Michele Bailey President & CEO Blazing The Agency