Canadian Women-Owned Business Evaluate Supplier Diversity (Research Study)

WBE Certification 2021

For Immediate Release | Toronto, ON WBE Canada and experts from the Universities of Manitoba and Calgary conducted a national survey on the status of supplier diversity in Canada. This survey, conducted in fall 2020, was designed to provide the data necessary to continue inclusion of underrepresented Canadian businesses, specifically women-owned businesses in large supply…

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Gender-Smart Entrepreneurship Education & Training Plus Report

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced small business support organizations and educational institutions across the globe to re-think how they deliver entrepreneurship education and training. The unprecedented transition to online delivery methods presents an opportunity to create more inclusive entrepreneurship courses, programs and small business support services. Telfer School of Management, University of Ottawa’s ‘Gender-Smart Entrepreneurship…

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The State of Women’s Entrepreneurship in Canada 2020

The State of Women’s Entrepreneurship in Canada 2020, by Women Entrepreneurship Knowledge Hub (WEKH) synthesizes government, academic, and expert research to highlight some of the structural barriers facing diverse women entrepreneurs in Canada.  The report also gives key insights into signs of progress that are being made with regards to women entrepreneurs in Canada and offers…

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WBE Canada Helps Private & Public Companies Implement Supplier Diversity Programs

WBE Canada Lunch & Learn

Thursday March 5th WBE Canada hosted the first  “Lunch and Learn” event specifically designed for Corporate and Government organizations. “Lunch and Learn: How to Start your Supplier Diversity Program hosted corporations interested in learning more about developing and growing a supplier diversity program within their organization. Led by WBE Canada Business Development Committee, represented by…

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Top Diversity Quotes

Academics have looked at the way we make decisions, and the results are in: the more diverse the group, the better the outcome. Outsiders bring fresh perspectives that lead to new insights.  WBE Canada celebrates and supports diversity. We believe that large corporations and government organizations need not only internal D&I (diversity and inclusion) efforts…

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