WBE Meet & Pitch: CIBC

WBE-Meet-Pitch CIBC

Join us for an exclusive virtual networking event designed to connect Certified Women-Owned Businesses (WBEs) with CIBC procurement professionals interested in sourcing from WBE suppliers in selected categories. This event…

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Supplier Diversity Day: Winnipeg, MB


Join us for a day of learning, networking and inspiration as we bring together women-owned businesses, corporate and government buyers in a professional and fun environment.

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Workplace Communication: High-Pressure Communication

In this Lunch & Learn webinar, Charmaine Hammond shares how we can communicate confidently, diplomatically, and tactfully in different situations and with different audiences. Learn the 4C approach: Clear, Concise, Calm, and Considered communication model and how/when to apply cascading communication messaging.

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ESG Strategies for SMEs

ESG for SMEs - Lunch and Learn Summer Series

Join Joanna Buczkowska-McCumber in “ESG for SMEs: Building Resilient Strategies for Tomorrow’s Business.” This course empowers SMEs with essential ESG knowledge and tools, positioning them for success in the evolving business landscape. Register now for Module 1: Introduction to ESG for SMEs.

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Workplace Communication: Navigating Workplace Conflict

Navigating workplace conflict

In workplace communication, the stakes can be high. Emotions can escalate, turning conversations into confrontations or opinions into conflicts. These difficult conversations often bring fear, apprehension, and a desire to avoid them to prevent making matters worse.

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Manulife: Risk Management

Manulife Risk Management

Join our comprehensive Risk Management Webinar with Manulife to master essential strategies for identifying, assessing, and mitigating organizational risks. Perfect for all business leaders, this webinar offers expert insights, practical tools, and real-world case studies. Enhance your risk management skills and ensure your organization is well-prepared for potential challenges. Secure your spot today!

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