New BMO Supplier Diversity Portal

BMO’s Supplier Diversity team has the tools you need to start doing business with them – and is on the lookout for the diverse businesses. Register with the BMO Supplier Diversity Portal today, and read up on what BMO is doing to support Women Entrepreneurs!

Visit our Supplier Diversity Portal

The BMO Supplier Diversity team has launched a new Supplier Diversity Portal on their external-facing Supplier Diversity site. This portal allows diverse suppliers who have a product or service suitable for BMO’s purchasing to register their information with us in a secure, centralized location. The portal also has automated reporting capabilities that will replace our existing manual reporting process, streamlining our processes and making it easier than ever to identify diverse suppliers and include them in our purchasing processes and practices.

Diversity is a core value at BMO, where our vision is to be the bank that defines great customer experience. Our goal is an innovative and diverse supply base across the bank resulting from our commitment to diversity and inclusion. We want BMO to be an organization where diverse suppliers consistently compete for—and win—business throughout our supply chain, enabled by our market-leading, inclusive procurement process.

Visit the Supplier Diversity Portal today and register with your business information. Once you’re signed up, BMO can include your profile when looking for new suppliers. As always, keep in mind that completing a profile does not guarantee that a company will receive a request to bid or a contract, or that a company has any type of procurement relationship with the bank.

You have what BMO needs, and BMO has what you need. Register with the BMO Supplier Diversity Portal now!

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