Supplier Diversity 101: Supplier

Supplier Diversity 101: Supplier

Times are changing… finally!

Supplier diversity opens the door for women-owned businesses to access large corporate and government supply chains. Procurement opportunities which traditionally would not be open for business women due to no prior relationships, systemic barriers or biases are starting to slowly open up to new diverse and innovative bidders.

With supplier diversity being still fairly new in Canada we decided to put together a guide for our Certified WBE community to help them understand these opportunities, upgrade their marketing and sales skills and shorten the sales cycle.

We want you to succeed… Supplier Diversity 101: Supplier CAN help

Supplier Diversity 101: Supplier is a guide to help WBEs leverage supplier diversity programs and WBE certification. We offer a simple guidebook with a holistic outlook on supplier diversity from the supplier perspective, including fresh ideas and approaches to inspire your creative thinking and support your strategic planning.

WBE Canada is happy to make this guide available at no extra cost to our Certified WBE community as an early Christmas gift. Let’s get in gear and kick off 2021 in style!

Supplier Diversity 101What can you expect?

  • Role of procurement departments
  • Your place in supply chain
  • Certification vs. Self-Certification
  • The opportunity
  • 17 ways to maximize your WBE certification
  • And much more!

Certified WBEs can access Supplier Diversity 101: Supplier in WBE Canada Toolbox along with other business resources. Valid WBE certification is required to access this valuable resource.

Stay safe, stay warm and get ready for your best year yet!

WBE Canada Team