Do you think opportunities to sell to large corporations and the government are out of reach for your women-owned business?

Think again…


Becoming a supplier to larger companies is one of the best ways to expand your customer base, increase your revenue, access longer term, predictable contracts, and establish your business as a reliable and credible source.


Yet, many women-owned businesses believe these opportunities are outside of their reach.


I want to learn how to leverage supplier diversity to do business with large organizations and governments.

What best describes organization you work for or lead?*

At WBE Canada, we want YOU to know that opportunities to sell to large corporations and government are within your reach as a women-owned business - and that's why we created this guide.

In The Quick Guide to Becoming a Supplier for Large Organizations, you will learn:

  • How accessing opportunities with larger organizations can benefit your business


  • What it takes to become a trusted supplier to corporations and the government


  • The types of women-owned businesses that large companies are looking to work with


  • What supplier diversity is, and how it opens up opportunities to women-owned businesses


  • How to assess whether you're ready to work with larger organizations


  • What it means to be a Certified Women-Owned Business and how WBE Canada can support you
The Guide to Sell to Large Corporations and Government

We had a fantastic year. Joining WBE Canada was the best thing I did for my company outside of hiring great people. I look forward to many years growing my business with WBE Canada's support and help!" ~ WBE Canada Certified Business

Being part of the community and the access to large corporate buyers has been fantastic. They've been accessible, open, and given great perspective that might have taken me several months to figure out. Great conversations, great connections and super helpful to growing my business." ~ Lisa W. Haydon is the President of Pivotal Growth, a WBE Canada certified company. 

WBE Canada helps a boutique-sized law firm, like Walker Law, get in the room with other larger suppliers that otherwise might not know about them or might not realize what their capabilities are. They recommend that women-owned businesses be certified to get the chance to connect with corporations who are looking for diverse suppliers they wouldn't otherwise have access to. That kind of partnership, community and mentorship opportunities are a huge benefit WBE Canada offers as well." ~ Walker Law