WBE Canada Welcomes E.S. Fox Limited as its Latest Corporate Member

Women’s Business Enterprises Canada Council (WBE Canada) is excited to announce E.S. Fox Limited as its newest Corporate Member, adding to the growing number of corporations in the Construction and Real Estate Sector that support Canadian women-owned businesses through their supplier diversity programs and WBE Canada membership. Headquartered in Niagara Falls, Ontario, E.S. Fox Limited is a multi-trade fabricator and constructor specializing in the Industrial, Commercial, Institutional, and Energy Industries.

ESFL remains committed to working with partners that include a diverse collection of underrepresented businesses. We continually monitor our investment into a wide range of companies to ensure we maintain fairness, equity, and diversity within our supply chain. ESFL is working on further developing its inclusive supply chain. We have been enrolled in the Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business (CCAB) Aboriginal Procurement Champion Program since 2016 and are actively pursuing programming and policy changes to ensure that we provide opportunities to companies that are owned and operated by all underrepresented groups. Using the model we followed with the CCAB, we will use our ED&I program to work with Canadian councils that certify diverse vendors including WBE Canada. This will allow us to connect with our partners with the goal of further enhancing these relationships. As a part of our diverse supply chain, a key strategy that ESFL employs is that we ensure our suppliers and subcontractors are businesses that are certified by Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion councils, or they have an ED&I policy if they are not owned and operated by an underrepresented group. Here at ESFL, we hold ourselves and all our partners at every level to the highest standards when it comes to being an equitable, diverse, and inclusive service provider.

We are extremely pleased to have E.S. Fox Limited join WBE Canada’s corporate membership” said Silvia Pencak, President and CEO, WBE Canada. “The construction sector is one that our women-owned business community has been increasingly looking to for procurement opportunities. Having E.S. Fox Limited joining the growing number of large corporations supporting supplier diversity and inclusive growth of their supply chains through their WBE Canada membership, is a major step forward for women-owned enterprises (WBEs) able to supply to this sector.

About E.S. Fox Limited

Established in 1934 as a small plumbing and heating company, E.S. Fox Limited is now recognized as Canada’s preeminent multi-trade Industrial, Commercial, Institutional and Energy constructor and fabricator. E.S. Fox Limited works in the sectors of oil and gas, petrochemical, mining, pulp and paper, steel, automotive, nuclear, power generation, pharmaceutical, casinos, hotels, hospitals, schools and themed entertainment. The company is headquartered in Niagara Falls, Ontario and maintains full-service regional offices in Hamilton, Toronto, Port Robinson, Oshawa, Kincardine, Kingston, Sudbury, and Thunder Bay.
For more information contact: Frank Pepers at frank.pepers@esfox.com; 905-354-3700 x1210.

About WBE Canada

Women Business Enterprises Canada Council (WBE Canada) is a Canadian non-profit organization working closely with corporations and government organizations advocating for inclusion of Canadian Women Business Enterprises (WBEs) in supply chains across Canada and abroad. To ensure diversity in supply chains WBE Canada works closely with its Corporate and Government members to provide necessary training and support to help establish and develop supplier diversity initiatives. Explore our Corporate/Government membership here.

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