WBE Canada Announces 2019 Board of Directors

On Monday November 26, 2018, WBE Canada announced its 2019 Board of Directors.

WBE Canada Board Members are instrumental in charting the strategic direction of WBE Canada. With the announcement comes the election of Julie Kaye, Chair of the Supplier Advisory Council to the Board. Women Business Enterprises (WBEs) are now represented at the Board level as well as the Supplier Advisory Committee.

2019 Board members

  • Catherine Grosz, BMO, Chair
  • Andy Thompson, Nokia, Treasurer
  • Michael Pacholok, City of Toronto, Officer
  • Madeleine Baker, TELUS, Officer
  • Dora Silva-Bolanos, Accenture
  • Lesley Lawrence, BDC
  • Jen McAvoy, Cotton Candy
  • Alan Roberts, Data CM
  • Michael Bourne, IBM
  • Kiruba Sankar, RBC
  • Michelle Albanese, TD Bank Group
  • Julie Kaye, WBE Representative

The WBE Canada Board also thanks Debra Quade, Kellogg’s for her many years of support as a Board member. Debra was elected to the Board in May 2013 and has been a passionate advocate of supplier diversity and WBE Canada over the past 5 years.

Learn more about the WBE Canada Board of Directors here.

This November WBEs also elected their representatives for the 2019 Supplier Advisory Committee.

These individuals will work closely with the President of WBE Canada and the Board of Director to ensure necessary support for Canadian women-owned businesses.

2019 Supplier Advisory Committee members

  • Julie Kaye, Chair, Toronto, Tech
  • Kathy Cheng, Toronto, Manufacturing/Fashion
  • Lisa Siragusa, Ottawa, Telecommunications
  • Marte Belisle, Mississauga, Events
  • Marty Britton, Toronto, Background Checks
  • Maryse Benhoff, Montreal, Translation
  • Mo-D, Toronto, Metal Stamping Automotive
  • Patricia Muir, Toronto, Coaching
  • Simmie Thiara, Toronto, Automotive

“As President of WBE Canada, I am excited that we now have WBE representation on the Board of Directors and I look forward to seeing more opportunities develop for certified women-owned businesses thanks to a better understanding and more intimate knowledge sharing between the two sides – women-owned suppliers and corporate buyers,” stated Silvia Pencak.

Join us in welcoming these individuals and wishing them all the best on the journey ahead.

Learn more about the WBE Canada Supplier Advisory Committee here.

Media Contact
Silvia Pencak
President, WBE Canada