Media Release: WBE Canada Announces WBE Representation on Board of Directors

Monday November 26, 2018, WBE Canada announced its 2019 Board of Directors. With the announcement comes the election of Julie Kaye, Chair of the Supplier Advisory Council to the Board. For the first time since its inception in 2009, Women Business Enterprises (WBEs) are now represented at the Board level as well as the Supplier Advisory Committee.

Julie KayeJulie Kaye is the President of TBD Telecom By Design Inc – a Canadian IT Solution Provider specializing in Cloud Computing, IoT, Hosted Voice, Data Infrastructure and Sign & Media Display serving businesses since 2008 operating within the following verticals; Education, Corporate, Manufacturing, Health Care, Agriculture, Non-Profits, Financial, Marketing & more! Julie has over 20 years of entrepreneurial and business experience in IT, Mobile and Telecom and enjoys working collaboratively on a variety of size projects ranging from single site, multi-site and campus wide. The love of learning and forward thinking ideas have allowed new solutions and business concepts to flourish within organizations she is involved with.

Julie is currently an active Board Member in the Liberty Village BIA (a non-profit business improvement association) and has previously volunteered as Campaign Manager for a City Council candidate for the City of Toronto Election in 2014. Currently serving on the WBE Canada Supplier Advisory Committee operating with other Committee members in an advisory capacity to the President of WBE Canada. Julie finds that partnerships and working with others toward a goal is natural and rewarding.

In response to her election to the Board, Julie shared: “It’s great! I’m honoured to be the first to represent WBE’s on the WBE Canada Board and what an amazing opportunity for all WBE’s in the future. I look forward to adding to the conversation and to continue the advancement of economic growth across Canada for Women Owned Businesses.”

“On behalf of the Board of Directors, we welcome Julie to the team. WBE Canada Board of Directors is excited to have this opportunity to work closely with our WBEs to ensure that we are collaborating and working toward a united organization. Keeping Diversity at the forefront and engaging all Corporate and WBE members is imperative to the future of WBE Canada” stated Catherine Grosz, Chair of Board of Directors.

“As President of WBE Canada, I am excited that we now have WBE representation on the Board of Directors and I look forward to seeing more opportunities develop for certified women-owned businesses thanks to a better understanding and more intimate knowledge sharing between the two sides – women-owned suppliers and corporate buyers” stated Silvia Pencak.

WBE Canada is a non-profit organization certifying Canadian Women Business Enterprises (WBEs) and opening doors to supply chains across North America. Our mission is to advance economic growth across Canada through certification, promotion and development of women-owned businesses. Learn more at