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Leading Through Crisis

Business women don’t have it easy these days. COVID-19 crisis is impacting the economy nationally and globally and many of us are now juggling family and household responsibilities without having normal support systems like schools, activities and play dates in place. Adding the responsibility of running and maintaining a business is only possible if we decide to focus on the RIGHT priorities.

Moderated by Silvia Pencak, three certified WBEs came together for a panel discussion on how to innovate, adapt and even thrive during this time of business upheaval. Join Katie Tingley (The Tingley Advantage), Kim Ades (Frame of Mind Coaching), and Ann Gomez (Clear Concept Inc.) for frank, constructive and engaging  conversation.

Join us to… 

  • Connect with like-minded leaders and business owners who face similar challenges and obstacles 
  • Move from feeling overwhelmed to being effective in the midst of disruptions and juggling work and life without traditional support systems
  • Get inspired to remain creative and proactive in the midst of crisis
  • Step up your game to become a game changer and inspire others to be and do more
  • And much more

Resources for women owned businesses & leaders:

RESOURCE #1: Connect with Speakers

RESOURCE #2: Working Productively from Home

This masterclass includes 5 strategies to help you maximize your productivity and overcome the challenges associated with working from home. Feel free to distribute this webinar to anyone you feel might benefit from this resource as we discover a virtual new reality.  

We also recommend teams use this to prompt a virtual team event: ~30 minutes to watch the webinar followed by a 30-minute discussion. 

RESOURCE #3: Resources for Leaders

RESOURCE #4: Journaling Service

Today, we are inviting you to join our journaling service for free… so that you can share how you are doing. We have created a unique journaling environment dedicated entirely to you. Share with us how you are coping, how your family is doing and what challenges or perhaps what growth opportunities you are facing. You will be able to journal privately and/or share your journals with the rest of this Journaling Community. You will be able to comment on the journals of other community members and allow others to comment on yours. Our team of FOM-Certified Coaches are also in the group, participating as members. 

We invite you to share your thoughts, your feelings, your fears, your hopes, and your experiences. We invite you to reach out if you need support and we invite you to step up and support others in the community if they need it. This is an important time in history where connection is crucial. We invite you to connect. 

Beyond anything, we really want to make it clear that our doors and our resources are open to each and every one of you.

To be a part of this special (and free) online Journaling Community course, please click here

RESOURCE #5: 30 minute Coaching Call

Please reach out to me if you are struggling and would like to set up a 30 minute coaching call with one of our experienced coaches.  They are amazing and are all volunteering their time to help entrepreneurs at this time.  My email address is

RESOURCE #6: Webinars and Training for Women

Check WBE Canada calendar for more events designed to support women entrepreneurs and corporate/government/nonprofit leaders supporting women business community.

If your company or organization provides training or resources for women owned businesses, let us know, we will be happy to share them with our community. Please note that priority will be given to our Certified WBEs, Corporate Members and Partner organizations. Thank you for understanding!

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