C-Level Executives Inspire Action to Advance Canadian Women-Owned Businesses

Major corporations and government institutions play an integral part in the supplier diversity framework and economic well-being of Canada. As the COVID Pandemic slammed into our daily lives, years of gains and progress made by women-owned businesses were stripped away in a matter of weeks. Female entrepreneurs across the country were forced to handle disruptions in their businesses as well as their households. All while providing support for their customers, employees and communities.

And while we witnessed incredible resilience, pivot and successes within Canadian women entrepreneurial ecosystem, the work is far from over. WBE Canada continues challenging businesses and organizations across the country to do their part and buy from women-owned businesses. We strongly believe that women-owned businesses can and will play a crucial role in getting communities across Canada back on track.

Unprecedented times require challenging conversations and innovative solutions. Understanding the importance of supply chains in supporting success of women-owned businesses, WBE Canada hosted a C-Suite Panel during its 11th Annual Conference, held in November 2020, to discuss how large corporate supply chains are advancing Canadian women-owned businesses, especially during the on-going pandemic. Facilitated by Jamie Crump, President of The Richwell Group and WBE Canada’s lead consultant for its Supplier Diversity Accelerator program, this highly relevant panel included Susan Goodyer, Chief Human Resources Officer for Accenture Canada, Stefano Lucarelli, Chief Financial Officer for BDC and Christoph Knoess, Chief Administrative Officer for RBC.

We are happy to share these important conversations with you. Listen in as these executives openly discuss supplier diversity and inclusion and how their companies are advancing Canadian women-owned businesses to survive, recover and thrive.

Women in Business: A C-Suite Perspective reaffirmed the importance of diversity and inclusion in supply chains and its role in the economic recovery of Canada. The resilience of women-owned businesses and the lessons learned throughout the pandemic will serve to redesign supply chain networks. Supporting the growth of women-owned entrepreneurs is a priority for Canadian corporations like Accenture, BDC and RBC and it is that level of commitment that will propel women entrepreneurs and the Canadian economy forward.

WBE Canada is a Canadian nonprofit organization working closely with corporations and governments advocating for inclusion of Canadian WBEs in supply chains across Canada and abroad. To ensure diversity in supply chains WBE Canada works closely with its Corporate and Government members to provide necessary support and resources to help establish and develop supplier diversity initiatives. Explore our Corporate/Government membership here.

Is your business majority owned, managed and controlled by woman/women? Learn how to certify your business as WBE (Women Business Enterprise).