WBE Canada Welcomes Versacom as Newest Corporate Member

WBE Canada Welcomes Versacom as the Newest Corporate Member, Bolstering Support for Women-Owned Businesses.

MONTREAL/January 24, 2024 – Women’s Business Enterprises Canada Council (WBE Canada) is thrilled to welcome Versacom Inc., Canada’s largest multilingual translation company as its new Corporate Member adding to the growing number of corporate and government organizations that support Canadian women-owned businesses through their supplier diversity programs and membership with WBE Canada.

New Corporate Member Versacom

Versacom is the largest Canadian-owned translation agency, having established itself as a global leader in the language services industry. Specializing in translation services across 185 languages, Versacom transcends linguistic barriers for businesses worldwide, enabling seamless communication and international growth. Catering to corporate clients, Versacom’s expertise extends beyond traditional translation, embracing cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies. These AI solutions optimize translation processes, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in handling large volumes of corporate documents. With a commitment to excellence and innovation, Versacom is not just a translation agency, but a strategic partner for businesses expanding their global footprint.

“It’s a privilege for me to share Versacom’s management responsibilities with exceptional women leaders, to whom we owe our company’s long-term success and enviable reputation within our field. We’re happy to further demonstrate this success, and promote innovation and diversity by joining WBE as corporate members”, added François Chartrand, Versacom’s CEO.

“We’re deeply honoured to be a Corporate Member of WBE Canada. Versacom’s largely women-led executive team proudly supports supplier diversity and equity, and we’ve built our business around these principles,” said Sabrina Vespoli, Vice-President, International Development.

“We are excited to welcome back Versacom as our Corporate Member,” said Silvia Pencak, President and CEO, WBE Canada. “Our WBE Community is growing at an incredible rate and having more organizations interested in buying from them is very important. Versacom is working globally and in multi-faceted diverse environments which will bring new opportunities in domestic and global markets. We look forward to supporting Versacom as they continue to diversify their supply chain.”

About Versacom
VersacomVersacom has been the leading provider of translation services for over 28 years offering Canadian and international organizations top quality and value with highly effective multilingual communication services. Located in Montreal QC and Vancouver BC, Versacom offers language services in 185 languages as well as support services including language compliance law. For more, visit www.versacom.ca.

Media inquires: Sabrina Vespoli, Vice-President, International Business Development
Email: svespoli@versacom.ca

About WBE Canada
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