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Leadership & Staff

President | Membership & Partnership Lead

Silvia oversees WBE Canada Team, Government Membership, Partnerships and is the public voice of the organization. She regularly speaks at events and conferences and is a voice of Canadian WBEs on many working committees and roundtables. Silvia is also an ex-officio member of the WBE Canada Board of Directors and all its Committees.

VP, Operations & Finance | Certified WBE Community Lead

Michelle oversees operations, finance, certification & recertification processes at WBE Canada to ensure efficient and effective management at WBE Canada. She is a lead for Certified WBE community. Michelle is also Board Secretary and an ex-officio member of the Executive, Certification and Supplier Advisory Committees.

Sharon Ferdinands

Manager, Marketing & Communications

Sharon oversees WBE Canada’s internal and external communication and marketing activities including social media accounts, events and program promotion, media partnerships and WBE Canada website. She works closely with the President to ensure visibility and branding of WBE Canada.

Manager, Corporate Membership

Catherine is responsible for WBE Canada’s Corporate Membership. Catherine is an ex-officio member of Business Development Committee and Business Development Committee.

Manager, Certification

Jennifer is responsible for certification and recertification processing and oversees WBE Canada’s database. Her role is to ensure that only eligible businesses receive WBE Canada certification stamp of approval. Jennifer is an ex-officio member of Certification Committee.

Patrizia Campbell
Training Coordinator

Patrizia is responsible for training and events at WBE Canada. She oversees WBE Canada Toolbox, Events calendar and supports Partner organizations.  

Chief Editor

Judy is part of Marketing Team at WBE Canada. She oversees all internal and external communications including articles, media releases, web pages and more to ensure consistency and engagement. 

Marketing & Tech

Jonathan is part of Marketing Team at WBE Canada. He provides technology and admin support for training, events and communications.

Graphic Designer

Kira is part of Marketing Team at WBE Canada. She provides graphic design services.


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