The Ultimate Guide to WBE Canada Certification

Are you a women-owned business looking to grow and scale your operations? One of the best ways to access new opportunities and expand your network is by becoming a Certified Women Business Enterprise (WBE) through WBE Canada.

On this page, we'll walk you through the process of getting certified, explain each step along the way, and offer suggestions for how to maximize your exposure and potential once you're certified. At WBE Canada, we are passionate about promoting supplier diversity and helping women-owned businesses succeed.


Certification is a rigorous process, but the benefits of being a certified women-owned business are numerous. It can help you gain access to new markets, secure contracts with larger organizations, and differentiate yourself from your competitors. Becoming a certified women-owned business with WBE Canada is a powerful way to take your business to the next level. So why wait? Get started on the certification process today and see what doors it can open for you and your business.


Deciding to get certified as a women-owned business is a serious choice. It takes time, effort and there are no guarantees you’ll land a larger corporate or government contract. However, being a successful business leader you already know there are no guarantees, only opportunities worth pursuing.


This page will help you get on the right track for certifying your business, explaining each step along the way and suggesting ways to get more exposure for your company once you are certified. Supplier diversity is an important initiative and WBE Canada is proud to help open doors for more women-owned businesses.


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Benefits of Certification with WBE Canada

By verifying your business as women-owned, you will meet requirements ofsupplier diversity programs in many larger organizations, and access a range of benefits, including access to opportunities designed for diverse suppliers, invitation to bid on contracts, access to business tools and resources. WBE Canada certificationcan also be a valuable marketing tool to set yourself apart with resources like Canadian Women Brand logo you’ll be able to use on your product packaging or marketing collateral. As the business owner, it's up to you to decide whether WBE certification meets your business goals and priorities. 

Access to larger corporate and government supplier opportunities

As we mentioned in the previous section, many organizations have supplier diversity programs that allocate a certain percentage of their contracts to businesses that are majority-owned by women. By certifying as a women-owned business, your company may qualify for these programs and potentially win more business.


Marketing and branding

Certifying as a Women Business Enterprise (WBE) can be a way to differentiate your company from your competitors and build a unique brand identity. It can also be a way to appeal to customers who prioritize diversity and inclusion in their purchasing decisions.

Networking and support

Canada and our corporate and government partners are committed to supporting women-owned businesses. Certifying your women-owned business can unlock these resources, provide connection to other women entrepreneurs, and access mentorship, training, and funding opportunities.

Empowerment and advocacy

For some women entrepreneurs, WBE Canada certification is a way to take pride in their identity and challenge gender-based inequalities in the business ecosystem. It can also be a way to advocate for policies and initiatives that support women's economic empowerment and advance gender equality in the workplace.


Procurement, RFPs, & Supplier Diversity: Doing Business with Larger Corporations & the Government

Procurement or sourcing refers to the process of acquiring goods and services for an organization. This can involve activities such as identifying the need for goods or services, researching potential suppliers, negotiating prices and terms, and managing the delivery and payment process. Procurement can also involve developing and managing relationships with suppliers, as well as identifying opportunities for cost savings and efficiencies.


When larger organizations talk about suppliers, they’re referring to any person or business that provides them with products or services. These suppliers can range from small, locally-owned businesses to large, multinational corporations, and can provide a wide range of goods and services, from office supplies and technology solutions to construction, consulting, marketing, legal, accounting and engineering services.

Learn more about supplier diversity, procurement and other “large organization” supply chain processes in this section. Check back often, we update it regularly.

  • Supplier Diversity: The Opportunity for Women-Owned Businesses (coming soon)
  • Navigation the Procurement Process as a Women-Owned Business: How the Buying Process Works with Larger Organizations (coming soon)
  • RFPs, RFIs, RFQs: What Do You Need to Know as a Women-Owned Business? (coming soon)

Get WBE Canada Certified Now: The Application Process & Your Next Steps

WBE certification gives you a stamp of approval valid for local, national and global supplier diversity programs with public & private sector organizations actively looking to work with more women-owned businesses. 95% of Fortune 500 companies have some sort of supplier diversity program. Combined with the increased implementation of supplier diversity in Canada, WBE certification gives you market advantage and opens new doors to market your products and services to large corporations and governments. As a WBE Canada certified business you are also eligible to use your Certified WBE badge and Canadian Women Brand® logo on your website, product packaging or marketing collateral.



  • WBE Certification Application Process Explained (coming soon)
  • Ready? Fill out the form now
  • Get prepared: certification process user manual
  • The Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Supplier for Large Organizations as a Woman-Owned Business
  • Is Getting WBE Certified The Right Choice for My Business? (coming soon)
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How Long Have You Been a WBE? Working with Other Women-Owned Businesses

This question is often asked from one WBE to another when meeting at our in-person or virtual events. Like with any support organization, there will be women-owned businesses way ahead of you and others just starting their journey. We need all women-owned businesses at various stages to help grow and foster a dynamic organization.

Those that are further ahead in their WBE journey may be ideal strategic partners to your company. We encourage Tier 2 companies to work together as well as Tier 1 companies to consider gaining support in their own supply chain with a fellow WBE who could support them as a Tier 2.




New Corporate and Government Members - Possibly Your Next Client?

More and more private and public organizations are implementing supplier diversity programs in Canada and globally. By doing so they increase innovation and customer satisfaction, experience better employee retention and drive greater value throughout their organization and for their customers – all of which are necessary to remain competitive in today’s marketplace. These companies have committed to engaging more Canadian women-owned businesses in their supplier opportunities. As a certified WBE, keep up-to-date with the ever expanding list of potential clients for your organization.


Current corporate and government members are here: /


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Connection, Events & Networking for Certified Women-Owned Businesses

The encouragement, training and networking continues monthly with in-person and online events covering business, supplier diversity, specific skill training and, of course, fun.  Check back often to see the consistently updated calendar of events and join in once you are a certified WBE.