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Canadian Women Brand

Creating a Brighter Tomorrow for Canada’s Women-owned Businesses

Women-owned businesses are key drivers of economic growth in Canada but constant barriers continue to limit their potential – cultural stereotypes, lack of financing, absence of role models or mentors, access to information or other services… the list goes on.

It has been stated time and again that ‘By advancing women’s participation in the economy, Canada could add up to $150 billion in GDP’ and we need to better evaluate and address the challenges faced by women entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurial diversity is not only essential for women-owned businesses but for that of the entire economy.

WBE Canada’s Canadian Women Brand Logo will play an important role for the growth of women entrepreneurs in Canada. It indicates that the product was not just ‘Made in Canada’ but ‘Made by a women-owned business’. It means that when you buy a product with this logo on it you are directly contributing to the growth of women-owned businesses in Canada, you are a champion and you are making a difference.

Buying from women-owned businesses is good for the economy. It’s good for our communities. It’s good for Canada.

How can you help?

  • Personal shopping – Next time you go shopping, look for products that have the Canadian Women Brand logo on it. The logo indicates that the product is not just ‘Made in Canada’ but also ‘Made by a women-owned business’. Every purchase made, helps in supporting our Canadian women-owned businesses and in turn the Canadian economy at large.
  • Gift baskets – Who doesn’t love a great gift basket! The next time you are gifting a basket with goodies, look around or search online for products with the Canadian Women Brand logo. Might take an extra few minutes but it will be so worth it!
  • Social media – You can also share a picture of the product on your social media, tag that particular business and show them your support and appreciation.


What does the logo look like? 

Who is eligible to use the logo?
Canadian Women Brand logo is trademarked by WBE Canada and only businesses verified by WBE Canada with a valid WBE certification can use it. There is no extra fee to use this logo.

Where can you find the products with the Canadian Women Brand logo?
WBE Canada Corporate Member organizations can find all the eligible businesses in our WBE Database. If you are an individual or a non-member organization, we encourage you to check the packaging, websites and other marketing materials for this logo.

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