The Importance Of Leadership In Enterprise Culture

Originally published in the WBE Canada Magazine; Issue 7. Read our full magazine HERE.

By: Anne-Marie Deslauriers

President & Founder, Delan

Nowadays, and even more with the current context of labor shortages, it is essential for companies to develop a good organizational culture and have a positive work experience to attract and retain the most talented employees.

Candidates prefer working for employers who have a good reputation and are known for their values, fairness, flexibility, the quality of their leaders and the opportunities for career progression they offer.

A corporate culture is about creating a harmonious, collaborative and trustworthy workplace that allows people to work together to develop innovative ideas.

One of the key elements of a good enterprise culture is the leadership style.

There is no denying the role of leaders in developing a good organizational culture.

A corporate culture does not happen on its own. The leader is responsible for a lot. Today’s leaders must listen and show empathy. They also must make sure to promote the values ​​of the company and set an example daily. This will allow them to support their legitimacy with their teams and increase the trust and commitment of employees.

Today’s companies need effective leaders who can build a good employee experience and who drive employee engagement and well-being, essential elements of a strong company culture. Soft skills have also become an essential skill for managers, as important as their business knowledge or their technical skills.

A good leader:

  • Can create a healthy and harmonious environment where it is good to work
  • Trains and supports employees to improve their skills.
  • Understands the vision, mission and objectives of the organization in order to better transmit them to their team
  • Knows how to trust and delegate tasks to their collaborators
  • Is genuine and honest
  • Is impartial towards all employees
  • Is empathetic, open and always listening
  • Leads by example

Leadership has a very important effect on company culture. Indeed, effective leadership will influence and strengthen organizational culture in the workplace.

Organizational culture is essential in a company, it plays a major role in employee engagement, profitability and business success.

Satisfied employees at work with a high level of engagement and a strong sense of belonging are among the benefits of a strong company culture.

A good organizational culture therefore makes it possible to attract happy employees who will be excellent ambassadors and who will help to spread the good reputation of the company, which will allow it to attract more talent.

Originally Published in the WBE Canada Magazine - Read Here

Anne-Marie Deslauriers

Anne-Marie Deslauriers graduated in Management from Concordia University, Anne-Marie has more than 25 years of experience in the field of IT and high technology recruitment. Recognized for her human qualities, her dynamism and her determination, she knew how to stand out and grow her business over the years. Involved in the community, she actively participates in the activities of WBE Canada, WeConnect International, CCMM, RFAQ, AQT and Réseau Action TI. In addition, Anne-Marie Deslauriers received the Women Business Enterprises Canada (WBE Canada) Award of Excellence for the 2021 President’s Award category.


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