Re-Opening Your Business During Phase 3

Business woman with face maskAs we slowly begin to approach phase 3 of this global pandemic, the world is slowly starting to adjust to a “new norm”. So what does this mean for businesses that plan to re-open?


A business owner is now required to create a mask policy. They are required to communicate the policy to staff members, train the staff members on the new policy, and ensure that the staff members understand the policy. It is also important that business owners ensure that the policy they have implemented is ready for inspection by health officials in case of an audit. Business owners will now be required to create a sign indicating that the business has a policy and post it anywhere in the business so it is available to see by customers or visitors. Also, your policy should include how to deal with customers who do not wear a mask when entering your establishment or who become aggressive about not wearing a mask even after you’ve expressed your policy to them. It is important to train your staff on this matter to answer the public appropriately if or when it may occur.


It is highly recommended that all businesses have a Release of Liability and Waiver of Claims for visitors of commercial establishments, such as office buildings, retail stores and services facilities, to sign in order to protect the business owner of the commercial establishment against liability for claims of exposure to COVID-19. The waiver may contain a covenant not to sue and an acknowledgment of the risks associated with entering the premises, as well as an optional indemnification.

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