A Glimpse into WBE Canada’s 14th National Conference

Women Impact: Leading Innovation & Growth: A Glimpse into WBE Canada’s 14th National Conference

Magazine winter 2024 - 11th issue - 14th National Conference article
Women Impact: Leading Innovations & Growth – A Glimpse into WBE Canada’s 14th National Conference by Judy Carswell, Chief Editor, WBE Canada. Originally published in WBE Canada Magazine; Issue 11. Read our full magazine HERE.

Step into the dynamic world of women-owned businesses and corporate leaders as we present captivating highlights showcasing the vibrant moments captured at WBE Canada’s 14th National Conference held November 8-9th, in Toronto. This exclusive event brought together trailblazers, thought leaders, and innovators who are shaping the landscape of diversity and inclusion for women entrepreneurs in the business realm.

Through a lens that focuses on empowerment, collaboration, and innovation, this article takes you on a visual journey, capturing the essence of this year’s landmark conference. From compelling keynote speakers to engaging panel discussions, networking sessions and a hugely successful trade show showcasing women-owned enterprises, corporate and government members as well as partner organizations, each snapshot encapsulates the spirit of entrepreneurship and showcases the incredible achievement of women-owned businesses and the impact they are making on the Canadian economy.

As you browse through these “conference moments”, witness the exchange of ideas, the forging of connections, and the celebration of diversity that permeated every session. WBE Canada’s 14th National Conference served as a platform for meaningful conversations, strategic partnerships, invaluable networking and the unveiling of opportunities that are driving positive change in the business world. We can’t wait to celebrate our 15th Anniversary at next year’s Conference scheduled for November 13-14, 2024 in Toronto. Watch for details coming your way on our events page.

2023 Conference Testimonials
We would also take this opportunity to acknowledge the support of our sponsors, without whom, WBE Canada’s annual conference would not be possible. Thank you to our Corporate Members, our Partners and the WBE Community who together ensure that the conversation around supplier diversity, the opportunities for women-owned businesses and the importance of inclusion and equity continue to resonate and impact Canada’s economic growth.


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